Sunday, 15 February 2009

Hammocks introduced to Europe by Christopher Columbus

Hammocks are thought to have been introduced to Europe by Christopher Columbus, who mentions hammocks in the logbook of his 1492 expedition.

It is claimed that Christopher Columbus discovered Caribbean Indians sleeping in cotton nets slung between trees and he adopted the idea for his crew.

The earliest hammocks were woven out of bark from a Hamack tree. Hamack bark was soon replaced as the main material for making hammocks by the Sisal plant because of its softer texture, and abundant availability.

As the popularity of hammocks spread, there was a great deal of experimentation with new materials. Brazil is famous for popularizing the fabric hammock which consists of a large piece of cloth with cords at the ends to attach the hammock to two anchor objects such as trees.

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elegant neutral striped barbados hammocks

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Sunday, 4 January 2009

How to hang a hammock

Suspending your garden hammock:

Hammocks without spreader bars are hung so that they sag way down. The hanging loops of the hammocks are fastened at approx. head height and about 3 m apart.

Fastening your hammock:

Hammocks are fastened using ropes to a tree or beam. Microropes are particularly popular for hammocks, or you can use Hammock Smartropes. Alternatively you can use hammock hooks to attach your hammock to a wall.

If the trees or walls are further apart than 3m, the hammocks can be extended by using hammock ropes or chains. The suspension point for your hammock will need to be hung using a higher point.